Name and address details

KNSM-laan 297

1019 LE Amsterdam

020 786 4389

Contact email

Iban / account №


BTW nr NL001989125B74

KvK nr 30229017

6-Month contract

€ 870,00 / 1

The 6 Month membership contract includes:

  • Up to 15 hours of studio access each week
  • Use of all equipment
  • Personal shelf to store work on
  • 10% discount on all courses and workshops
  • Glazing and firing included for up to 30 liters of volume (per month). Extra firing will be charged with €1,50 a liter.
This membership is valid for six (6) months, to be payed in monthly installments. Membership will automatically extended for another 6 months, unless cancelled with 1 month notice. We will inform you about this beforehand, so you have a choice to for instance switch to a monthly membership.